try WH style. 210412

blur and blur.
could u please go away.

where i am here
fighting for the best i can.

what was good
and what was bad.

as clock is ticking
lets all call it histories.

life is short.
yet decades had gone.

is time to plan
for the sake of upcoming.

hah! after seeing my friend's blog (Wei Hsin, sorry for copying ur style ya~ =p) i try this. haha.. but not as good as his. lolz..


Many agues that there are no systematic and rigorous method to justify right or wrong. some action will bring benefits to some people but another way to others, except criminal cases that to be judge with the prove of strong evidences. So no one should make judgement to another except god who knows everything.


Being conservative and flexible will stuck one in the middle of nowhere which do not know which position he is belongs to thus makes a highly vulnerable stage by itself that he may thought the outcome was the opposite of it. Therefore, be more creative and active not just in thought but brings out as well.

The fifth sem break

In this time, i got a feeling that i am just wasting times and opportunities to do something that is better than hung up in GG server. those games that i have played were all considered as corrupted games because of leaver!! now that i am aware and realized. so, delete GG server is the best action to serve as my revenge after it got me wasted my valuable time.
After 1st week of sem break , now it would be time for planing. but would it be too late? days that are still left is the Chinese New Year's celebration. those days was all tiring and boring. meeting up with relative is not the comfortable moment for me.
but still, there will be one or two days for my planing. erm... ok. i have planed it but would not tell it before i have successfully done.

mid autumn festival

mid autumn festival seems boring to me now. all the festival stuff such as candles, lanterns and other fire playing materials don't seems appealing to me anymore but cant deny i enjoy those stuff very much just about 5 years ago... i am wondering whether my thought is in a majority group or the minority one cause i knew that some people do enjoy it although after secondary school. i am not saying that those people are childish. please don't get it wrong. in fact, i am so happy to see them playing those stuff enjoyably.

fire playing materials are not able to attract me anymore but the festival food such as moon cakes still do. what moon cakes i actually referring is definitely not the traditional one. i am referring the 'ping pei'! I ate a lot of 'ping pei' for this year which is also my 1st time trying it. i never ate ping pei before because my dad is the traditional minded person that believes original always the better choice. so i should be thankful to my sis who successfully persuaded my dad buying 'ping pei'. i heard that baskin robbin has created ice cream moon cake this year but sadly i don't get to try.. perhaps there will be an opportunity to try it next year.

honestly, the main reason that make me felt boring is actually related to those persons whose we celebrate with. there is no hate or unlike issues but me and my cousins just never get close together after we grown up. but for sure i will still attend this celebration every year because this is a tradition and not attending it is kind of socially incorrect in behavior. i predict this awkwardness between me and my cousins will remain the same for next year and another next year..

do you know..
moon cake festival is an old traditional festival that heritage by generation. it is an important day which brings family together for reunion.
eating moon cakes is to commemorate the rebellion successfully attack and overthrew the Mongolian from ruling their country unfairly.
carrying latern is origenated as a thanksgiving festival for a succesful harvest reflecting China's history as an agricultural society.

write something

i am back to create a new post for my dust-covered blog. But for this moment, I'm still conceiving what to write about. why would i insist to write something here although without any idea? I'm not sure.. possibly because blogging indirectly forcing me to write. Therefore, I'll aware of my writing standard.
I've visited few blogs lately and i was impressed with what they've posted. their posts are good in quality and able to yield inspiration to readers. in fact, some are as good as an article just like in the 'time', 'reader digest' or other similar type of magazines. Moreover, their age are just as young as mine but the quality of these post are significantly different. so, how could i reach their standard? tenacity is the key? O.o
(just trying to write like other people.. but it sound so kek sui ..haiz..)


2am at night, barely awake putting some effort for the hope of my coursework 2. i did not tried hard this sem.. again a regret. wondering why that "regret" is always accompanying me.


nice day!! ^_^

Is ok.. Let it be how it will be..

Is ok..
a change of thought from the last post..
i am okey in this way although i do not want..
let it be how it will be..
i admit it was my fault..
but my fault contain reasons.

After a chat in the car..

Hey.. back to blogging again.. just roughly write about what's happening this week before proceed to the important one..
erm.. ya, still maintain the fresh feeling of staying hostel.. my friend has registered and fixed the p1 wimax at our room area.. and that is a terrible one.. paying rm99 for an unstable line. it cant even load facebook pages. suckzz!
next is, planed to have some sport every weeks start from now.. as me few of hostel guy and my classmates has started this plan with badminton on Wednesday... that was one of my pleasurable day with them.
On Thursday we had successfully registered for the acca conference. the eleventh hour of deciding and registering at the same time was so exhausting.

So, to the topic i wan to write about is begins here.
i basically would like to have some new friends but at the same time, i would also wish to have my old friends to be more close instead of leaving it to a side. I've got some unresolved problems related to friend's relationship. thanks for my brother shurong for giving some idea for me.. i deeply wish that u could solved yours in your own way as well... just after u are ready for it. i trust u can bro! i know it is hard.. but we are challenging our life and indirectly we are training our self to solve problems!

Back to college

First week of second year is not bad actually, or maybe i can say it nice!.. I am now staying in hostel and chen wei is my roommate! ok, let me briefly introduce him. he is erm.. hardworking, kind, and always leave me and find his gf.. haha.. but is ok for me in fact i dun want to face him all day long five days per week, definitely we will run out of things to talk. Is quite good to have some space between. Another friend of mine voon wei, staying 3rd room beside and sharing room with his bro.. his bro kinda friendly and nice with no temper which i quite admire this type of person.. so, on that Wednesday about 12.30 am, vijin and yew chien came to our room to chat. it was until four something if not mistaken. yew chien! ya u! if u are reading.. u ur head damn heavy that made my chest so painful when u put on my chest there! haha.. but u two, we actually quite appreciate ur visit which need to climb the exhausting stares.
1st week lectures were all blur lesson i can say that.. it is because of the notes are not yet ready and things that we jotted were all unclear. now i am quite lazy to do tutorial questions. i guess that is not so important but concentrate on lecture and tuto class may be crucial.
And results is out! i fulfill my wish to increase my cgpa with o.1++ and my next target is to increase o.15. thats mean i must get A in every subject. O.15 ar..!! >.<''

Impromptu activity

2 days ago, fei sin ask me to fetch her friends.. so my memories was filled with road map to cheras.. but now.. the data has corrupted and state with loading error. so i give up and transfered it to recycle bin.. wata hack if u can drive which mean u can go anywhere but u do not know the road. it is just useless to have a car. so what to do now? try to explore? i remember how proud am i exploring a huge region around my living area by riding bicycle. u can back from where u came by simply turn ur two wheel ride 180 degrees and u can back with the same road as how u came.. but how about car and the high way now.. sweating. cant use the same trick which i wanted it to be work! car cannot turn 180 degrees in the same road. my problem seems to be stupid to those who have no problem on it.. in my imagination.. exploring will overwhelm me fear and anxiety for not being certain about where am i heading and possible of wander away to somewhere difficult to return. a little slash in an accident will cost me more the 2 hundred not to mention serious crash will lead me to break.

I have finished my road blind.. and now, i would like to move on to abandoned kids and babies..

When i entered to an orphanage 2days ago, i can feel that the environment of the orphanage has no much different from the zoo .. all little kids are like caged in a large room. few are siting, few are chasing, few are playing but all are adorable! cute! small! we went in the room with fei sin and her friends. Have in mind as a purpose to choose a kid to borrow to accomplish a film. the funny thing was when a selected boy asked to bring along a friend, the boy straight approached to the most pretty n cute girl there for his company. the girl rejected him. too bad.. and after that, there is my 1st time to carry baby. nice man.. usually not dare due to their delicate bone.. how if i accidentally hurt him or accidentally drop him? then i will not forgive myself to d end of my life...

finish 3rd sem wow!

so tired of this past sem.. finally over! and now wat should i do? seems boring ler...

i tried my best in this sem. perhaps my cgpa raise o.1 ++ hehe.. too greedy le.. my eng arld tried very hard d.. but damn! becus of the letter, left 30 min cant come out any idea.. and my spelling sucks! arg... >.< must set a goal now..

aim: get a in eng plus able to type simple chinese.
time frame: advance diploma.

cant sleep..

finished tamadun paper plus hanging at cc more then two hours, i am tired now. yesterday studied untill 4am.. just slept 3 hours.. and now i really wana go to sleep but 2 hour liying on my bed, my eyes opened frequently... i am not use to sleep in my rented room now.. got a feeling of insecure.. scare that someone open my door.. haha.. i wan go back home sleep lar.. i use to sleep with door opened and able to see my family walking around outside my room.. this is the feeling i wan.. i feel more secured..

besides, there is something bothering me.. i am getting more tired of my situation now.. situation that is not easy to handle.. whether to engage or back. i choose back, get away.. but this action are not getting any better. what i should do now? hopefully, there will be some changes from this situation in later time.. i never want to go through this anymore in my future.

simply update

3.58 pm at my college library ground floor now.. planed to study till night for preparing examination which is just around the corner, with one of my college friend, voon wei. i update this after i passed by a friend of mine, saw her doing some stuff of her blog. i did not go in front of her and say hello. i am not in the mood to become friendly, perhaps will, after some time.

i realised that my blog is so boring.. it is definitely similar to my real life of course. in fact, life can be mining full and gay if we value every laughter and enjoyment higher. that was what i had conceived lately. however, mans can think perfectly but in the other hand, that is not an easy thing to be done. in doing so, sometime we will found our self not really in the way of being in a good mood. what i mean was one will "shyok sendiri" to get them self out of their mood. i am not sure it is a wrong but i am sure doing so, will get yourself fell more empty. so, i choose not to smile or laugh too over if that is not really funny and interesting. what should i do is just to be normal and be myself. laugh when should and smile when need in the right degree.

guys, wish me luck for my exam!! =)... i am not expecting high result for this sem but i will try my best from now. i must get my note in front of me now. i must study hard ar~~~

18 th birthday

to collage friends (celebrate in the afternoon) : voon wei, chen wei, jun hao, jia jun, ve jin, chiat soon, hui ying, hong li, kar xian li chang, hui jun.

to secondary friends (celebrate in the night ) :fei sin, qian qi, kye lin, shurong, kuo jian, wei yian, ivan, kang wei, sear khai, kam soon, chun ling, ow yang, lee shen.

thanks alot to my friends for celebrating my 18th birthday.. i really appreciate it. is truth guys. nvr forget.

thanks for all d present.. a shirt black in colour with 4 chinese words by voon wei n chen wei. i like it.. that shirt look yeng ar~ n the cap with transformer logo totally suit me well.. and a forest ghost phone accessory.. both were brought share by my collage friends wesley was included. hui ying n hong li search for it. and a pair of orange strange sport equipment playing using a ping pong ball.. i have been playing it this few days on my room.. it is from kye lin. double appreciation for u guyz and i like all of the present very much.

holiday end

i went genting with collage friends on 24 n 25 oct 2009. 2 day 1 night. we reach, straight to theme park for an hour except (the scare high weiwei) and check in 1pm(suppose 3pm) than when out for theme park encore.we shout. we play. we enjoy unfortunately it rain after 3 games.. try to hide but rain was heavier n heavier.. get wet from top to botom. thanks wei wei for lending me short pant. seems bad but i dont fell that.. play cards in hotel( nice~) shout like still at theme park. ate dinner at mc d some ta pao kfc to mc d. then play at arcade till midnight 12. back to room shower came out for pub left hy n cs.went just to know how pub was look like but guard rejected us cus of short pant n slippers. when to old town yum cha.. back to room light off. sleep. all dunwan sleep. light on back. play card.. chat.. listen to d anoying song by . 4 something sleep but i cant. next day, tired... check out when back..

besides genting, went ipoh weding dinner, dad's friend house warming, dad's friend hari raya open house, qq house worming another weding dinner, moon cake festival at grandma house.

this holiday i drop my phone in the toilet. mood down.. but the next sem's time table chill me up. that is next sem every monday is holiday ^.^
and the next day pay a professional korek toilet man rm60 to take out my phone from the deep toilet hole.. and now phone fixing.

two more day for the 2nd sem 1st class~ must hardworking!!

habis my 1st sem

finish my 1st sem's exam n started to enjoy Holiday in 2 weeks time.. i am not gonna waste it. everyday have to be meaningful.. but is impossible for me to make it possible simply because of my laziness.. planing wat to do tmr.. erm..building up my muscle, reading story book n.. i think that is enough for planing. i probably will end up facing my laptop all d day n maybe few hours for nap n that is how my day will gone. this is me, guy with no self discipline.
some example pass through my brain, let me share out.. in the beginning of 1st sem, i plan to study hard n thought of doing well in all subject but what i was thought about is always just my dream. i am hoping for passing all subjects now which is hoping for some miracle to happen.. that because acc paper i did like shit!


Feel totally stressless after finishing coursework while waiting d coming final exam. In between, co-curriculum day is on 15 august and i hv signed in for breastroke 25m. haha.. sort but start in the middle of the pool without wall kicking.. that day of competition i have thought about since last year just after i know how to the plastic medal is for the 1st and 2nd only.. although it was a plastic, but i not really care of the material it used, i just want to get it!!

the next post will be like T.T or =D is on percentage of 50 - 50.. y 50-50? because this competition is for beginner but also will have few non-beginner try to grasp that plastic just like me..


It was a long time i didn't write something to my blog. Dusty blog r now for cleaning n renewing for my blogging friends to dorp by.. just writing something as roughly continue of my last post. so, pls don't blame... what i wrote will be seems random. haha..
erm.. wat to say.. with my blank of mind.. forgotten which day, ivan organised a gathering of our gang to have lunch at Taman Desa. that day was hui ying bday as well. so just when to the gathering. yb will be going to london for her medical course soon (geng man..) we had a kind of sad mood while talking yb will be going. someone was missing that day. Perhaps there will be a next gathering with him as i believe that everyone hopes his coming...
i have ard join kung fu classes for 3 month but what i have learned was so basic!! fell like wana whack my sifu from back just for testing his kung fu. (wana see his kung fu only.. just curious what that sifu got..) XD!!
my account test guaranty fail ! i can only finish doing T account with the time given. still got income statement and balance sheet. after the test i asked by my friends, how? can balance? then i was like =.= wata hack to balance? income statement also never do.. diu.. after that test me n hui ying went for siang wei bday.. tnx to the kind kar xian for fetching us there! hehe..
yesterday when klcc with classmate. after eating kfc, kx ran back for HE. half way ran back becus forgot to take her wallet then sms again forgot to take her file... then we watch lost of land and lol at d cinema. after that go out to the garden for a walk n took some gay pics.

college life

currently staying at a rented accommodation with about 5 minute walk to college, but just oni to the gate. still have to walk a distant from block to block as well.. for the 1st week, my roommate everyday dota n dota. me? sien.. siting infront my mini aquarium and dreaming family and miss-ing my old friends. but now just getting abit ok dy.. yet still not quite fitted well in this college life.
just oni accounting course in this batch, ard about 950 student leh.. i am just look like little ant.. haizzz... next week gona start tutorial class lu.. so good i am not alone sitting 1 person in the class like a so chai.. same class with kar xian and hui ying. they both no account base but they get dono 9As or 10As in spm. me die lo.. me got an A oni and no account base.. go soh soh dey in. haizzz...
and just lost my phone in this past thursday and register back my num in saturday. now, i lost all my contact ard. some can key in back and some cannot d. that is sad case.. again, haizzzzzz........

"i want to ride my bicycle"

"i want to ride my bicycle" this song recall me the time of my high school days, ride my bike to every where such as school, tuition, Friend's house, swimming lesson, yum cha n others chaplang places just like my lou po thats always by my side helping n supporting me to do something. No transport means cant go any where n it equals to cant do anything. Yea.. she is my lou po cai! lol.. But i so bad.. she is so lonely standing outside my house for three month.. nobody touching her.. caring her.. but at least still got my dog sometime showing her love to her by peeing on her circle leg. =.=!
Since i have got nothing better to do, so tomorow i will bath her whole nice shape of body just like i bath mine.XD n also bring her kai kai~ ^.^

12 april

today i thought will be going to church for ester day.. but dono how come my mum n sis going oni n i change to follow my dad go "bai san (go visit my father grandparents n parents tomb) n after that went to my dad punya relative " sung bun" pulak. =.=! (follow n c the dead people buried) hm.. at least i get 2 ringgit puple-packet from them. but i keep thinking the dead ppl face.. shit, dono can sleep anot today.

fast fast 18 may~

cant wait till 18 of may thats when my college life will be start on. will have a new routine, meeting new ppl, living further from my house, getting a laptop and studying new things that is absolutely more interesting than rotting at my house. so, just left a month here for me having a care free life. if i successfully apply for hostel, i will miss my air-con a lots that was fixed in my room not long time ago... just knew that my air-con was finish its monthly pay. hope that the security or law of the hostel not straight so i can out any where to find my fren and back any time without my parents notice. hehe..